by Shadows Tranquil

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Smear 06:54
Sheets keep morning out Breathe colors from your skull I float down Bleeding paint Pace Await The dawn to break Our sails Fail Beyond all shade Flow Below A broken spell Time's stained Remove our futures Melt and fade Feed your spine Swim or sink Crystal tide Easels sway Smear your mind Golden snail Palettes eye
Wandering eyes Fall on me When snow kills The birth of spring Wrap their wicked Arms round me Like some deep seated Memory Strange Strange embrace Turned Turned on me Drown Drowning deep This Cursed wish Like some deep sea Anemone
Somber Sun 06:09
All leaves find their way to earth Little fortune Fortune told Holy fires From altars old We ignore them Shh In our home of harmless ghosts We are whole Whole Unswept Unkempt Unswept Unkempt Moon Moon sits Moon Moon sets Swooned Eons ago Weaving their mourning cloaks All All jewels fall All truths fall All jewels fall From somber sun
Ick 04:15
Empty beds Hollow rooms Vacant houses could be could be The warmest tomb Whiskey drives Blurred features Blown our lives Blown our speakers Border line Swerve to reach her A feeling that stabbed Stabbed Stabbed Stabbed like a needle Was it worth it to you? Now quiver and shake Shake Shake for me Now curl Was it worth it to lose? You you turn my stomach Syracuse is just too far away Oaths they're made of snow Poppies burned like air Tender creature Tender creature
Trails resound Trailing in wonder Calling out Waiting and walking now Healed in sound Leading and watching out I've been wrong Wash these doubts Fiends stand alone Wide and narrow Days awake Moments roll past me Clouds they break Like waves we shift Tested Ice melts Weathered we sit Tears are mirrored Indifference Ran red God in these empty castles plenty Isolated
Cares End 03:30
Lyrics Blushing shores will glance on Oceans of grief Thoughtful lures will dance on A cold still sea They say he wont find an answer A landlocked wistful king Listless bishop storms the standoff Mountains will weep Lusting silent envy Worlds slip away Tossed in a briar of senses Cloaked in a dream We sing a choir of injury As close as it seems We wake alone recanting An innocent thief Ascending dust Prevailing dusk Inside your heart
All these hearts How they whisper A throbbing prayer All we've fought for A missing link We're crossing carelessly All these thoughts On this distance That isnt there All these lies come To surfacing Someday Easy Breeze will wipe them Hide them Honest Deeds will wash his Conscience Three days in coma These stairs will fall away Find what you love and Let it lay you to waste Three days in coma These stairs all fall away Find what you love and Let it lay you to waste
Tiny Elegy 04:36
Sik'is 06:17
To the memory of Seth Slaughter Lyrics: Even in sleep you're high Leaving the self You wake To another side Even in sin You're weighted Down Now all the aches subside In the fading light Streaming, the tears adrift Into the maze we'll glide hourglass will slip Either the sun will rise Or... Dreaming in tremors Im tired of shoulders Ever damp Swinging endearment Sleeping in salted circles You'll never see this Treasure that gives way to all of our ends Promising everything I never said Silence deafens him
Hiraeth 06:26
Forest sells itself Clueless to the answers Weekend tells a tale Of no return Wicked tales she tells Of how we burned Antlers fall to dust Doors we painted shut Angels drink to rust Never fucking learn An awkward son A wandering march The autumns tunnels So warm A wayward heart Is all we know Did they laugh at my regression As they drove Did they look for my reflection As they dove Will they picture my expressions When they float Projected my red essence as they woke


Wander was recorded and mixed entirely at home in Denver Colorado.


released October 25, 2018

Mastered by Angel Marcloid 
Album and merch artworks by Natasha Page, Jas Helena and Shadows Tranquil.
Shadows Tranquil would like to thank our friends, family, everyone who has inspired and supported us. We love you all. Special thanks to Angel Marcloid, Rich Italiano, Tarah Foxx, Nick Hinds at Guitar Gutter, Nixi Theodora Pixi, Mattie Gonzales, Keith Curts, Karl Haikara, Kelly Schilling, Levi Holmes, Pax Fleming and Syntax Physic Opera


all rights reserved



Shadows Tranquil Denver, Colorado

Shadows Tranquil is a 5 piece experimental shoegaze band from Colorado.

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